About Us

Customore was created to help businesses succeed in the era of splintered media. We help businesses find and retain customers through innovative, data-driven digital campaigns. We continue to test new media and creative solutions to keep your business at the forefront of these marketing opportunities. We are committed to bringing exceptional results to our clients.

Senior Leadership

Customore’s senior leadership team takes great pride in their hand’s-on approach. We see many competitors use senior management to sell projects, and subsequently delegate the day-to-day work to a less experienced employee. We believe bringing our 19 years of digital expertise is a critical component to a successful campaign.

Mark, a founder of the Customore, provides strategic direction in our ever-expanding marketing platforms.

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Patrick co-founded Customore in 2001. An experienced online advertising executive specializing in targeting, optimization, and new…

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Let us help you navigate your connected world and set a course for digital success! For more information, please call 312-640-0227.