Location-Based Marketing

Our Offerings:

Geofencing: Reach people while they are at an event. Geofencing uses GPS or RFID’s to create a virtual boundary around a location. We show ads to people while they are in this “fence.” Customers may stop seeing ads when they leave the fence, but we can remarket to them for up to 30 days if we were able to identify their device id. This technique is ideal for reaching a person while at a conference, event, or admission fair.

Geoframing: find out who attended events in the past. Geoframing uses historical mobile device data, meaning we can drop a net over a specific location and identify mobile ids from the event dating as far back six months. From here, we “follow” that device back to its home, allowing for IP Targeting to take place. We are then able to serve ads to not only mobile phones, but all home connected devices. University clients have used geoframing to reach audiences who have been at competitors college campuses (and may be perspective students).

IP Targeting: the direct mail of the digital world. We match a physical home address to an IP address. We can then serve ads to any connected device in the home based on that IP. When used in conjunction with direct mail, IP targeting delivers exceptional results.

New Movers: 450,000 people move every week in the United States. In that 30-day window before and after the move, most purchase decisions are made with an average spend of $8,700 per household. Once that audience buys from you, the customer is 90% more likely to become a repeat customer (info provided by Speedeon Data). The goal is to target people who are moving or have just moved into their new home with digital banner and video ads in almost real time on their laptop, smartphone, and table devices.

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