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Reputation Management

People have endless choices when deciding which online product or service to buy.  Chances are your customers are visiting online sites to get a perspective on how other people view your product.  In a recent survey, 40% of online users will look for some type of review or recommendation when buying a new product or service. They are looking for a reason to trust your business or to go with your competitior instead. Do not lose that customer because you are not paying attention to your online reputation.  One bad review can result in significant lost revenue.

Review sites have become a powerful player in the online world.  These websites provide people with insight into your brand and the service levels they can expect from your company.  We believe to be a strong player in the digital world, you need to help foster a positive image for your brand.    We can help you navigate your online reputation.  

Get Positive Reviews

We have built a highly integrated toolset which helps you get feedback information from your clients.  We believe that all feedback requires some nurturing.People are far more likely to write a review when they have had a negative experience.    You need to make it easy for them to give a positive review online.     

Address Negative Feeback

All businesses like to get the glowing, positive feedback.   The reality not all of your customers will not be that enthusiastic about your company .  When our customers receive negative information, we highly encourage them to reach out to the customer.  75% of the time a business can prevent a damaging review from going online by proactively contacting the disgruntled buyer.  Our system allows our clients to receive install feedback and instantly begin repairing the relationship with the customer.