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Paid Search

Paid search marketing can go by many three letter acronyms:  SEM, PPC, CPC, CPM.   No matter what the term, the goal is still the same, to get new customers to your business.    We have developed and enhance our paid search methodology over the past 15 years and apply the basic principles across all of online campaigns.  

Market Research

We take the time to understand your business.   Working side-by-side with your team, we will conduct market research to identify search trends and determine the right method to market your business. 

Geographic Targeting

Understanding your customers and the geographic areas where we get the highest conversion is key to the success of a campaign.  We can set up targeting by MSA, City, Radius (miles from a location), zip code or in some cases neighborhood. 

Ad Testing

We do not believe that every business or marketing campaign is the same.   What works for one client may not necessarily work for the next.    We understand the importance of ad testing to determine what drives customer response.   

Landing Page Optimization

First impressions are critical.  We have seen many campaigns double their conversion rates and profits with a properly designed landing page.  By testing different landing pages, we can determine which design and content get your customer’s attention and drive better ROI.

Day Parting

We do not believe all businesses convert equally at all times of the day. Running a campaign twenty four hours a day/ seven days a week has proven to be an unsuccessul strategy for nine out of ten clients.  We help you understand which times drive the highest customer conversion.  We have the ability to change our pricing strategy based on these factors and revise your plan on a continuous basis to get  the best results.  

Performance Monitoring

We are in a world where real-time data lets us adjust campaigns quickly based on performance.  Without a partner who understands how to interpret this information, you can waste a lot of your marketing dollars.    We will work with you to identify which metrics are most important to your business and provide frequent updates to allow for ongoing campaign optimization.  

If you would like to learn more about our search engine marketing methodologies, please call us today at 312-640-0227.  

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