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Mobile Marketing

The connected customer. Your customer, is always connected to their mobile device. By the year 2016, predictions indicate that mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth.   Are you positioned to market in the mobile world?   We can help.  

While currently our clients are not getting as many conversions directly from mobile, we are connecting the dots between an initial search on a mobile device and a conversion on a desktop.   As mobile starts to play more of a role in the search funnel, your business needs to be prepared to serve these customers.  

Mobile Website Development

Your customer expects your website to be mobile-friendly. A recent study by Google showed that 85% of people are never more than 3 feet away from their mobile device.  Increasing, your customers are on the go and their accessing your website remotely.  If they do not find a user-friendly mobile experience, chances are they will leave your site.    And remember, your competitor is just a click away. 

We build sites that have a responsive design and resize based on the device being used (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC etc) to provide optimal visibility.  Make it easy for your customer to use your site on a mobile device. Make the move to a responsive design.     

Mobile Paid Advertising

A recent study by E-Marketer shows that almost 40% of all paid digital search this year will be from a mobile device this year.  That number will increase to over 85% in 2018.  Those numbers are astonishing.  

If you are running any search campaigns, we believe that mobile should be a key component.  The time is now to develop a mobile search strategy.    For more information, call 312-640-0227.

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