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Display Advertising

While search has a definite place in your digital strategy, 95% of the time a person is connected does not involve search. With so many sites offering abundant advertising opportunities, how do you find the right sites to maximize your ROI?  At Customore, we develop display strategies to meet your campaign objectives.   We use precise targeting to make sure your ads achieve a higher level of relevance with your audience.     

Contextual Targeting

Each day your potential customer will conduct endless research and explore countless web pages. We can help you connect with clients when the content is relevant to your product our service through the use of contextual marketing (targeting).    

Contextual targeting scans the content of the current page a person is viewing and serves them ads that are highly relevant to that content.   The viewers will see your highly relevant ads with the right message at the right time, when they are engaged. 

Interest Targeting

Interest categories use someone’s browsing history to identify people who may be interested in whatever product or service you have to sell.   As we like to say, Interest-based targeting reaches people based on what makes them tick and click.  With over 2,000 interest categories available, we can help you find the right ones to reach your target customer.  

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting allows us to place ads on sites with content about a particular subject, helping you to reach a broad audience quickly and significantly ramp up your traffic or ad delivery. Your ad will appear on the page where the content is relevant to the topics you have selected. With over 1,750 topics available, we will work with your business to identify which ones may be right for you.  We generally recommend topic targeting if you are looking to broaden your messaging reach.

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