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We consider all customers to be part of the family.  We work very hard to make sure they understand that we are all working on the same team and towards the same objectives.   We are proud to represent both small and large companies as not only their online agency, but also their partner in the digital media space.   Here is a partial list of clients we have helped develop their online strategy.     Client List

Case Studies

While we have written many white papers and blogs about online media, we feel it is important to see some of our thinking as it relates to businesses we have worked in the past.    Here are a couple of case studies which show the breadth and depth of knowledge we bring to every client.

Case Study 1:  Faith-Based University

Challenge:  How to strategically reach current high school students on desktops, tablets and mobile during and after the initial ministry program search phase. Through the segmentation of past website traffic patterns it was evident that mobile devices were becoming a bigger driver of new student inquiries. Past student interactions results were driven by Google, YouTube, and Facebook. The challenge then became how to differentiate paid queries from students interested in ministry programs versus the traditional faith-based student body. Buying traffic for generalized university traffic searches would waste budget dollars, purchasing only ‘ministry’ program searches became the key to a successful, targeted, cost-effective campaign.   Learn about how Customore helped thus University solve their challenge

Case Study 2:  Midwestern University

Challenge:  Traditional private universities are under attack from two fronts. The lack of government funding for student loans has made college education increasingly unavailable to the majority of potential students. In addition, the advent of online bachelor degree offerings has made standing out in a crowd more difficult than ever.  The challenge:  How to find and then target the correct audience in a cost-effective manner?  Click here to see how we helped address these issues

Case Study 3:   Iconic Chicago Body Shop

Challenge:   How to leverage the power of online reviews and carve out a position as the highest ranked Chicago body shop in terms of customer satisfaction. This body shop understood that it could no longer rely on business practices of the past. The new word of mouth had quickly become anonymous online reviews in the name of Yelp and Angies’ List. Most notably, the majority of the younger population seem to trust reviews and third parties over advertisement and marketing efforts. The business had a choice to make, either be at the mercy of the internet or use the internet to their advantage and encourage their delighted clients share their stories.   Read more about our quest to understand how we helped our client manage their online reputation.


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